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Jesus Redeems Contact Number,
Jesus Redeems Contact Number - Jesus Redeems Ministries 3

Jesus Redeems Ministries

Jesus Redeems Ministries founded in 1978 by Bro. Mohan C Lazarus. These ministries have a lot of vision, We have listed a few below.

இயேசு விடுவிக்கிறார் ஊழியங்கள் 1978 ல் சகோதரர் மோகன் சி லாசரஸ் அவர்களால் தொடக்கப்பட்டது.

  • Gospel Ministry
  • Harvest Bible Seminary
  • Jesus Redeems Kids
  • Letter Ministry
  • Magazine Ministry
  • Media Ministry
  • Missionary Ministry
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Prayer Mountain
  • Revival Ministries
  • Women’s Ministry
  • Youth Ministry

Jesus Redeems Contact Number

  1. For Prayers
  2. For Information
  3. Mail ID & Address

Directly Get Information From Jesus Redeems Official Website Contact Page

Jesus Redeems Prayer Number
Jesus Redeems Contact Number - Jesus Redeems Ministries 4

Jesus Redeems Prayer Number

உங்கள் ஜெப குறிப்புகளை கீழே உள்ள தொலை பேசி என்னில் பகிறவும். Please share your prayer request to below mentioned mobile numbers or mail id.

+91 4639-353535
+91 4639-220000

Share your prayer request by click the below

Jesus Redeems 24 Hours Prayer

உங்கள் ஜெப குறிப்புகளை கீழே குறிப்பிடப்பட்டுள்ள மொபைல் எண்ணில் 24 மணி நேரமும் பகிர்ந்து கொள்ளலாம். You can share your prayer request on below mentioned mobile number 24 hours.

+91 4639-220000

For Information

+91 4639-353333
+91 4639-220022
[email protected]

For Transaction Info

+91 8903835315
[email protected]

Mail ID & Address

[email protected]

Nalumavadi, Tuticorin Dist,
Tamil Nadu – 628 211, India.

இயேசு விடுவிக்கிறார் ஊழியங்கள் Website Check It

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  1. Thirrappin Vaasal Jebam Timing for this Saturday (26.11.2022). My mother wants to visit Naalumavadi for her prayer.

  2. Brother my name Bharathy i will see your program iam from Hindu family for me joint family all my relatns are cheated me from my uncle salary my uncle giving me now suddenly last December month he didn’t give my salary in that only i want to run my family they know very well but but they are doing i don’t know so pls help me to give my salary sir
    And then in my home 3 portns i left for rent in that 1 portn still didn’t come and previous rental person ravikumar and Sangeetha want to give big amount pls pray for them sir

  3. Praise the lord brother .. ipo varaium appavoda kirubaiyala na nala irukn .. athuku kodana Kodi nandi appa .. na nurse ah work panuren .. so athoda kasdam enaku nalla therium .. ipo 12 days ah COVID time la work panuna staff elarum poradutaga ..avagaluku nala results yesappa than kudukanum appa .. plz appa … Avaga Pavan 3200 nurse job ilama Nadu therula nikuraga.. antha timela thaila thuki vatchu kondadunaga appa ipo Nadu theruvula vitudaga… Ungaloda sitham enavoo athu sekiram nadakanum appa .. plz avagaluku positive ah good news kuduga appa
    Amen appa

  4. Need prayer request to my wife Sulochna 55 yrs suffering from diabetes type 2 since 2009. Now with neuropathy complaint she couldn’t sleep and has unbearable pain in the right leg from hip to the soles and burning on both soles. I couldn’t reach you through the given ph nos. 🙏👍😭

  5. Praise the lord sister..enaku life oru periya prachanai la irukan so enga family elstum vandhu mohan sir ta vandhu asirvadham vaangedu poganum…pls help panunga nanga pakanum…

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