Break The Bottle Song – English Gospel Songs

Praise And Worship Religious Songs

Artist: Tiffany Hudson & Steffany Gretzinger
Released on: 21 Jul 2023

Break The Bottle Song Lyrics

Some give a little from a lot
But when i’m giving all I’ve got
You call it worship
It doesn’t matter what it costs
I am not living for applause
I live to worship

I’m gonna break the bottle
I’m gonna pour it all out
I don’t waste what’s spent on You
Even if they call me crazy
You’re the one who saved me
I’ll never waste what’s spent on You

Oh what a privilege it is
To offer everyday I live
To You in worship
More than a song upon my lips
There’s nothing You ask I won’t give
You’re worthy of worship

Pour me out like water
Pour me out like oil
There is not another
Worthy of it all

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