Hold That Blanket Closer Mary Dear – Christmas Songs 19

Praise And Worship Religious Songs
Artist: Petra
Album: Mary’s Song
Released on: 13 Feb 2008

Hold That Blanket Closer Mary Dear Song Lyrics

Hold that blanket closer Mary dear
All the world waits with you for your day
But for now the wind is cold and it s drear
And Bethlehem s still so far away
Do you remember the way you felt back then
Joy and wonder filled your soul and when
The angel slipped away
You knew your life would never be the same

And now you re travelling travelling on a road to Bethlehem
Wandering thoughts fly away
If you knew the road that lay ahead of Him
Would you break down and cry
Your child is born to die

Feel that hand of strength upon your own
A husband s love that guides along the way
And as his understanding has grown
His hopes too are centered on that day
For do you remember the way he looked back then
Pain and sorrow filled his eyes until when
The angel came to say
The Savior s birth was meant to be this way

Think back on that promise you receieved
For him in whom the prophets long believed
Now belongs to you you ve been chosen too
But He s the One Who s gonna shine
We call His name Jesus Immanuel
He ll save His people from sin and hell
And of His kingdom there will be no end

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